10 Best Reasons for You to Travel Phobjikha Valley in Summer


Last updated on February 12th, 2019

During summer, the entire landscape of Phobjikha Valley of Bhutan looks like an expanse of scenery cut straight from one of the best selling travel magazines or postcards. The awe-inspiring undisturbed nature of Gangtey valley is a delight of photographers and hikers. And adventurous travelers get to experience so much in its simple village life and mountainside monasteries.

Phobjikha valley also known as Gangtey is basically a glacial valley that is popular of being the winter brooding centre of black-necked cranes. Bhutan’s effort in protecting these endangered black-necked cranes is seen at Phobjikha valley.

Phobjikha valley is one of the best mountain destinations of Bhutan. Therefore, it doesn’t get tourists during summer as much as it does in Winter, Spring and Autumn. Therefore, in this article I will share 10 Best Reasons for You to Travel Phobjikha Valley in Summer.

#1 Wonderful Nature Scenery

why to visit Gangtey valley in Phobjikha

Gangtey Valley is at its best settings during summer. Its marshy valley looks scenically green like a football stadium carpet. Your day at Gangtey Valley will get started with awe inspiring scene of gradual rising of thin mist in backdrops of fresh cypress trees. During dusk, nature’s settings will aid you in getting the best landscape photographs of Phobjikha Valley.

#2 Cheap Hotels and Resorts

Best Phobjikha tourist hotels

Phobjikha Valley is one of the most visited destinations in Bhutan. Therefore, you can expect good number of luxury hotels and farm houses at Gangtey Valley. Since Spring and Autumn are peak tourist seasons in Bhutan, you can expect prices of hotels or farm houses to be higher not to mention about your worry of not getting one. But in summer, you can get them at ridiculously low prices.

#3 Choices of Farm Houses

Best Phobjikha homestays

Gangtey Valley or Phobjikha Valley has good number of certified Bhutan farm houses to personally experience household life of Bhutanese people. These Gangtey Farm Houses will be reserved or booked by travel agents during peak seasons. You won’t be able to get one Bhutanese farm house on spot booking. But when I visited Phobjikha Valley in July this year, almost all farm houses at Gangtey don’t have tourists.

#4 Good Hikes and Treks

Hiking and trekking in Phobjikha

Unlike in winter or autumn, hiking and trekking in Phobjikha valley during summer is a journey through fresh and green nature. Sometimes downpour might be quite disturbing for hiking and trekking in Phobjikha valley. However, fresh grass, trees and beautiful flowers along those Gangtey hiking trails will really lift your mood. There are many nature trails in Gangtey valley. However, Gangtey Nature Trail is the most popular hiking trail in Gangtey Valley.

#5 Bhutan Rural Lifestyles

Gangtey valley village life tours

People in Phobjikha also follow semi-nomadic kind of life. Many households will migrate to lower places during winter with their cows and yaks. Therefore, you won’t be able to get a comprehensive insights of Bhutan rural lifestyles of Phobjikha during winter. But during summer, almost all will be back at village as temperature will be moderate.

#6 Open Space Camping

Phobjikha valley camping

Do you want to sleep with the sound of nature and then wake up in the middle of pristine environment with chirruping sounds of birds, then travel Phobjikha Valley. There are many open space camping places in Gangtey valley where you can sleep at the lap of nature. And for this, summer is the best season.

#7 Moderate Temperature

When we say that Gangtey Valley is a glacial valley you might assume that temperature there would be unbearably cold. This is true in winter as it will receive snowfall in winter. But in summer, temperature at Phobjikha is moderate. Phobjikha valley weather too will be favourable in summer. When I was there on 14th July this year, temperature was at 14 which is quite moderate by definition.

#8 Gangtey Photography

Gangtey photography tours

Gangtey Valley is one of the most idyllic destinations in Bhutan for landscape photography. Unlike in other seasons when the valley is quite barren, lush green environment during summer makes Phobjikha Valley a paradise for landscape photographers. Many of good Phobjikha valley images you come across in magazines or Bhutan travel websites are taken during summer.

#9 Black-Necked Cranes

Phobjikha in winter

During late autumn, black-necked cranes will fly to their winter brooding habitat Phobjikha in Bhutan. Tourists also visit Gangtey valley in winter to watch black-necked cranes. However, considering number of tourists coming for this and then competition on hotels and homestays at Phobjikha, it’s better to travel in summer. We can learn about these birds at Phobjikha Black-Necked Cranes Centre.

#10 Independent Travel

history of Gangtey Goemba monastery

I feel that Phobjikha is indeed a good place for independent travel or backpacking in Bhutan but during summer. We can travel Gangtey directly from Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue. There is public transport service once every week to Gangtey from Thimphu. And from Wangdue, there is daily bus service. From Punakha, we can travel in a shared taxi at a reasonable rate.

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