65 Tourist Attractions in Paro other than Taktsang Monastery


When tourists travel to Bhutan, Taktsang Monastery has been one of the must-be-visited destinations of Paro Bhutan. Some tourists must be thinking why Bhutan is so obsess with Taktsang Monastery. They must be wondering if there are other tourist attractions in Paro other than Taktsang Monastery.

65 places to visit or tourist attractions in Paro other than Taktsang Monastery

  1. Chumbu Goemba.
  2. Dongkola Temple.
  3. Drakarpo.
  4. National Museum.
  5. Paro Dzong.
  6. Kichu Lhakhang.
  7. Dragi Pangtsho.
  8. Tacho Lhakhang.
  9. Dobji Dzong.
  10. Dungtse Lhakhang.
  11. Drugyel Dzong.
  12. Chelela Pass.
  13. Jhomolhari Base.
  14. Dzongdrakha.
  15. Bumdra Goemba.
  16. Jeyla Tsho.
  17. Sangachoekhor.
  18. Chuzom.
  19. Druk Choeding.
  20. Ugyen Pelri Palace.
  21. Jeyla Goemba.
  22. Hungrel Dzong.
  23. Kila Goemba.
  24. Gensakha Lhakhang.
  25. Zuri Dzong.
  26. Weekend Market.
  27. Pena Lhakhang.
  28. Zacheykha Temple.
  29. Nyamai Zam.
  30. Tago Lhakhang.
  31. Khangkhu Temple.
  32. Pelri Lhakhang.
  33. Archery Ground.
  34. Bimelangtsho.
  35. Gemjanglo Monastery.
  36. Jeli Dzong.
  37. Lhading Goemba.
  38. Jela Dzong.
  39. Drangshi Goemba.
  40. Jangserbu Lhakhang.
  41. Tsongdue Temple.
  42. Chorten Ka Nyep.
  43. Dhochorten Goemba.
  44. Lhatey Goemba.
  45. Nephu Goemba.
  46. Phudro Goemba.
  47. Lhabsey Thangka.
  48. Ugyen Guru Lhakhang.
  49. Gorina Temple.
  50. Bumdra.
  51. Choechotse Lhakhang.
  52. Shera Drango Lhakhang.
  53. Ragay Lhakhang.
  54. Para Lhakhang.
  55. Tsem Ngyen Lhakhang.
  56. Dhop-Shari Lhakhang.
  57. Mendrub Goemba.
  58. Langma Lhakhang.
  59. Bepja Goemba.
  60. Dawakha Phudro Goemba.
  61. Chikar Goemba.
  62. Tshedra Goemba.
  63. Yari Lhakhang.
  64. Singye Drak.
  65. Drakarpo Lhakhang.

These are tourist attractions in Paro other than Taktshang Monastery. Though many of them are monasteries and temples, they also offer platform for short hiking and landscape views for onlookers.

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