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Last updated on June 15th, 2018

Taxi cabs are one of the primary transportation models in Phuentsholing Bhutan along with public buses (no air condition) and private Bolero Vans which are available for hire. You can basically find them anywhere in Phuentsholing town. Taxi fares from Phuentsholing aren’t high.

However, unlike in other countries taxi cabs in Bhutan aren’t metered. Therefore, to know normal taxi rates from Phuentsholing to other various tourist destinations of Bhutan, you can ask few locals down there about the fare. You might also ask the taxi driver about the government’s rate and their demanding rates.

Nature of Bhutan roads - Taxi fares from Phuentsholing

To avoid paying high taxi fares, it’s better to refer RSTA website (Road Safety and Transport Authority) for government’s fixed taxi fares from Phuentsholing to your destination within Bhutan. However, those rates shall change every year to consider increase in prices of petrol, cars and other commodities.

Taxi Fares from Phuentsholing to other Places

When I wrote this article, taxi fares from Phuentsholing to various tourist places of Bhutan like Thimphu, Paro, Haa and Punakha as fixed by RSTA are as shown below:

  • Phuentsholing to Thimphu -Nu.727 (Distance 171KM)
  • Phuentsholing to Paro – Nu.701 (Distance 165KM)
  • Phuentsholing to Haa – Nu.943 (Distance 223KM)
  • Phuentsholing to Punakha – Nu.948 (Distance 230KM)


The above taxi fares from Phuentsholing are for 4 seats taxi only. You can refer RSTA website to know taxi fare in Bhutan for other 5-11 seats taxi cabs. Bhutan car rental rates are also given in it. It also has bus fares within different different places of Bhutan with distance.

Phuntsholing to Thimphu bus fares

In other situations, when there are less number of taxi cabs, fares might increase by Nu.50-100. If you want to travel by bus, Phuentsholing to Thimphu bus fare is also given in the RSTA website.

If you feel taxi drivers are charging much higher than government rates, you can immediately complain at 17714007 (Phuentsholing RSTA) or 176114412/17808080 (Gedu and Tshimasham Police) stating the vehicle number.

Better Bhutan transportation services – Bus or Taxi

When it comes to comfort, there isn’t much difference between taxi cabs and buses. Buses in Bhutan are non AC coasters. Bus fare in Bhutan is usually high unlike in India. However, buses like in any other places will be just destination and time specific. One thing is they take more time.

Bhutan car rentals for tourists

If you are tourists travelling to Bhutan from Phuentsholing and don’t have much time, you can opt for taxi. It would be just a matter of few bucks. And from bus stop, you’ll have to hire taxi anyway to dropping you in your respective destinations anyway.

Very important Tips on Taxi Riding in Bhutan

  • There are more cabs that have 4 seats. If you travel in group, number 4 is magic in Bhutan.
  • If you want to stop for sightseeing midway, you should tell the driver in advance.
  • You can also travel in shared taxi by paying your own share of fare.
  • You can ask driver to stop for short tea breaks, snacks or lunch in hotels midway.
  • It’s better to keep note of taxi number if you at all forget your things when you leave cab.
  • There is no online Bhutan taxi booking or bus or car rental in Bhutan.
  • Bhutanese taxi drivers know Hindi to start conversation.
  • You need warm clothes when you travel from Phuentsholing either in bus or taxi.


But unlike in other countries, you won’t find taxi cabs at Phuentsholing in any time of the day. Unless for short local Phuentsholing tours in a day, you must try to get a taxi before 5/6p.m. There are also no private firms that give cars for rent or hire in Phuentsholing.

Phuentsholing Bhutan bus

You shouldn’t be travelling to Haa, Paro, Thimphu or Punakha at night from Phuentsholing. Bhutan’s road aren’t favourable for travelling at nights. Moreover you’ll get best of Bhutan only during days. If you are a photographer, you can get photographs of landscapes during day.

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