Thimphu Lampelri Botanical Park – Is it worth to visit in Winter


In winter, Thimphu sometimes seems old and barren – to the extent nothing of it interests its residents. It’s at such times I like to disappear in nature and return with a new perspective.

The moments of basking in the lap of nature provides a good opportunity to escape from city life and manage time for myself. I can also realize the hospitality of Mother Nature.

Lampelri park in winter

Thimphu has access to some places that represent undisturbed nature. Selecting one for short hikes or outdoor camping and spend moments close to warmth of nature isn’t a problem.

Phajoding Monastery, Tango-Cheri, Taklakha Goemba and Lampelri Botanical Park are some of the popular places for short trekking trips in Thimphu.

Outdoor camping in Lampelri Botanical Park

I have visited all except for Lampelri Botanical Park. Last weekend, I headed to Lampelri Botanical Park.  The park is vast and has got many fun activities. It was kind of a battle against my will coming out of it.

Lampelri Botanical Park in winter

You can visit this park when you travel between Punakha and Thimphu. After driving for about 20 minutes from Dochula Chortens, a left detour leads you to this park. Otherwise for its dry lawn at this time around, it offers a long stretch of scenic views of distant snow-laden mountains and picturesque canopies of leafless trees.

Thimphu Botanical garden

This park boasts of having at least 40 Rhododendron species in Bhutan. But this time, I can only assume how wonderful it would look should it be garlanded with different spring rhododendron blossoms. However, it has its distinct winter charm.

I sat silently on a carpet of dry leaves listening to the orchestration of falling leaves and cold winter wind. Therefore, reactions between wildlife, nature, and natural occurrences are sometimes best conceived when left unattended.

short hike in Thimphu

When my friends were busy playing boats over Bari Lake, I distanced myself from them with a book. The moment of reading a book in a company of nature is beyond the reach of words. Eating in its open space with friends was another moment!

Lampelri Botanical Park in Spring

Rhododendron Festival happens in this park every year in April. It is during this festival, apart from the rhododendrons, one gets to see varieties of plants, trees and animals. During spring, this park will be at its best.

Animals in Lampelri park

The changing colourful outlook of the park with blossoms of rhododendron trees would leave anyone transfixed. Moreover, every single plant will grow anew and lawn will become fresh making it a good place for outdoor camping.

You’ll also enjoy biking through its biking trails so much boating over Bari Lake with increase in the water level. If you are with children, there is also a playground for them.

Best time to visit Lampelri Park

Lampelri Botanical Park has different charms for all seasons. However, from onlookers and touristy perspective, spring (March – May) will be a better season to visit.

Lampelri park lake

However, you must keep your expectation level low when you visit Lampelri Botanical Garden. Unless you have an urge to be there, you won’t find anything much. I have also heard some tourists getting out of it in 10 minutes or so.

rhododendron flower in Bhutan

Lampelri Botanical Park is simply a small place where you can explore beauty of nature if kept as undisturbed and respected. I feel an entry fee of Nu.100 would be nothing if we can come out of with a subliminal pat from Mother Nature.

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