The beautiful fluffy white clouds over hills on the way to Bumthang


You must have travelled between Bumthang and Mongar Bhutan. If so, you must have not failed to get out of your car to enjoy the beauty of those clean snow-capped mountains for few instances. The mountain vegetation appear green and clean throughout the year. It would be an additional blessing if the weather is favourably clear for sightseeing.

I was travelling this route for the first time – on my return journey to Thimphu from Eastern Bhutan tour. But with me, there were two of them who have travelled the route countless times. They have so many things to say about so many things about this route and other  Bumthang sightseeing points.

Unusual cloud formation in Bhutan

One thing that made me curious was their says on few villages of Zhemgang being visible from the hilltop. I have requested them to show the point from where the villages are seen. I want to see because down there in the flock of villages lies my village Thrisa, where I was born and raised. They agreed.

Bumthang viewpoints to see Zhemgang Villages

But on reaching the actual station, it was so unfortunate. Thick white fluffy clouds have blocked the sight-tunnel and I couldn’t see villages down there. I felt really irritated.

However, after deep sigh I realized that I have not seen such big fluffy white clouds well arrayed over a mountainous valley. The inability to see my village from mountain top was compensated with the view of those beautiful fluffy clouds.

Clouds sample in Bhutan

My other friends, who have travelled this route countless times have also not seen such clouds in this place – they also enjoyed the scene.

We got out of the car and then started taking photos of this cloud from different angles and gradients. But in the process I started wondering on reasons for the formation of such clouds over a hill.

The reason behind for the formation of such unusual clouds

If I asked my 86 years old father about this unusual clouds formation, he’ll surely say some of them:

  • The guardian deities of the mountain must have been disturbed.

Because he used to tell me when I used to ask as a boy, the reasons on formation of such clouds.

clouds in Bhutan

No matter whether his explanation would stand true, I am quite sure that the deities (if any) would have been surely disturbed. The on going East-west road widening project has taken away the beauty of many things – starting from roads to hills.

In the whole journey, I felt as if I was travelling in a roller-coaster driven over an uneven road. When I reached Bumthang and called off the day, my butts and thighs were paining due to bumpy ride.

Bumthang in winter

When the dinner was done and got under our mattresses to beat coldness of Bumthang weather, a string of thoughts were rushing in my mind on how I can survive yet another day of bumpy ride from Bumthang to Thimphu.

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