Taxi services from Cebu Airport – Yellow Taxi or White Taxi?


Last updated on October 26th, 2018

When you are at Cebu Airport, you’ll be out of terminal within few minutes. There are no immigration works, custom declaration and passport scanning works. Unlike Manila International Airport, Cebu Airport seems quite smaller. The number of people getting through entrances or exit is also less. I was on roadside in about 5 minutes.

However, there is no systematic taxi services from Cebu Airport like in Bangkok International Airport. When I couldn’t see any taxi within my sight, I had to literally ask few of security people about it. One security personnel took me all the way to a street lane from where I can choose a taxi.

ayala mall in Cebu

He called a taxi driver and handed my luggage. When I reached near his taxi, I could see two different colours of taxi cabs. His taxi is a yellow one. So I wondered what must be the difference and kept my eyes on his meter readings all the way to my hotel at main Cebu town.

The taxi fare started from 70 peso – I could clearly see from his taxi meter reading. It took me about 30 minutes and costed 384 peso. But I gave 400 peso. When I reached my hotel, I asked the front desk staffs about the differences between the White taxi and yellow taxi services of Cebu Airport.

They were saying that yellow taxi is expensive. Its fare starts from peso 70. I saw it. And white taxi is bit cheaper and its fare shall start from 30 peso. I could have saved 40 peso by choosing white taxi over yellow. So, I asked more about the differences between white taxi and yellow taxi of Cebu Airport.

Yellow Taxi & White Taxi – what are the differences?

I was told that yellow taxi ensures more safety of passengers and the luggage. This means if you have more luggage of higher monetary values, you could probably choose a yellow taxi.

If we forget our things inside yellow taxi, it can be retrieved easily as information about taxi number, taxi driver’s details and destination addresses are noted at the time of boarding.

In another hand, white taxi is just an ordinary taxi which doesn’t ensure safety of passengers as well as his/her luggage. Therefore, its fare begins from peso 30. But you must see whether it’s being metered. All taxi services from Cebu Airport are supposed to charged base on meter readings.

Taxi Services from Cebu Airport – A better choice?

This means if you are on budget travel to Cebu and have less number of luggage bags, you can choose white taxi. In contrary, if you have more money and more number of bags, you can choose yellow taxi. Few pesos won’t make much difference.

During peak hours of Cebu City (6 a.m-9 a.m, 11 a.m-1 p.m and 4 p.m-9 p.m), it would be an economically smart strategy boarding a regular white taxi from Cebu Airport.

However, there is another alternative of fixed price transfer transportation services from Cebu Airport. You can talk to one or two sales people near terminal for it. You just have to give your destination address and then after confirming the price, you get dropped.

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  1. White taxi driver take us from airport and he said he knows where is the hotel where we want to go, but on the end we finished on the airport becouse he didn’t know where it is!!! We paied 400phs for nothing. Cebu city is the worst place where i was, and i travel a lot.

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