Bhutan’s Taba-Lungtenphu walking Trail in Thimphu


If you want to get little bit away from Thimphu town for refreshing and physical exercise purposes, walking through Taba-Lungtenphu trail would be another good option. This trail was started sometimes in 2015. However, it still remains as a less used trail in Thimphu.

Taba-Lungtenphu walking trail starts from Taba-below Wangchuk Resort Gate, and then ends at Lungtenphu-above Lungtenphu town. This trail basically stretches at about 5km through small hills of cool pine forest overlooking Thimphu valley.

Who can walk through Taba-Lungtenphu Trail?

This trail indeed can be good for all. It is wide and well-maintained that one can even do cycling through it. However, I cannot recommend it for certain to elder people and small children who have interest in taking solo trekking or hiking.

risky Thimphu viewpoints

The trail is through woods and sometimes its elevation becomes higher through small rugged ridges. In such cases, elder people and small children might need guidance and help.

Thimphu view from hilltopMinister quarter in Bhutan

However, it’s very good for family. The walk through cool light forest of pine trees and rhododendrons provides fresh air and relaxation. It is a good platform to experience different lifestyle during weekend after tiresome week.

Best time for trekking in Taba-Lungtenphu Trail

I went for trekking through this trail twice; once during winter and once during summer. In my opinion, trekking through this trail would be better during summer and spring when weather is clear and fine.

walking in woods

During winter and autumn, it’s cold and windy. Moreover, during dry seasons, forest fire breaks out anytime in Thimphu. It becomes very risky trekking through this trail in those seasons as highly combustible dry leaves and windy weather leave you with less chance to escape during forest fire outbreak.

Bhutan walk

During summer and spring, trees and grasses would be green and humid giving very less chance for forest fire outbreak. However, you have to watch out for muddy and slippery trail during those seasons.

Things of interest along Taba-Lungtenphu Trail

One of the main attractions of this trail is that it provides a good escape from busy town life and takes you to a peaceful environment. You’ll feel very close to nature and get to experience many new things that aren’t in town.

  • Thimphu valley viewpoints
  • Bird watching
  • Hoisting prayer flags & poles
  • Outdoor picnicking spots
  • Landscape photography

Thimphu valley viewpoints

This trail is through folds of small hills at an elevation higher than Thimphu town. Therefore, without any doubt it provides good views of Thimphu valley.

During my last trekking, I could see many viewpoints along the trail. Yet some viewpoints are on rocks and boulders. You must be careful while getting on them.

Thimphu valley viewpointsBhutan viewpoints

If you feel tired and think of giving up midway, there are two give-up points. One is above Bhutan National Assembly hall at Langjophakha and another one is above Yangchenphu High School. In both the cases, you can make descend and come to Thimphu.

Trekking in Bhutan

You can enjoy the view of Jungshina, Zilukha, Kawajangsa, Olakha and Babesa if you can trek till the end of trail. You also get to see Buddha Point.

Bird watching

During my last trekking, I could see quite a number of small birds along the trail. Bird watching enthusiasts can take a camera to shoot them.

Thimphu birds watchingBirds watching travel in Bhutan

If your children are fond of birds, taking them through this trail would provide them a chance to seeing few birds in real. However, capturing them in camera will be bit hard without a camera of high focal length.

Hoisting prayer flags & poles

We come across many prayer flags along the trail. Some are hoisted for deceased people to help on their after-death journey. Many are for prosperity and well being of all sentient beings of the world.

Bhutan prayer flags

There is a belief that we must hoist prayer flags on a higher ground from where we can see elements of both land and water. Various small hills along this trail aptly provides it.

Outdoor picnicking spots

Trekking through this trail in group will become more enjoyable you can take packed lunch for outdoor picnic-Bhutanese call it as dry picnic.

Thimphu picnic spot

We can lunch in those hills overlooking Thimphu valley. Indeed there are many spots favourable for outdoor lunching or picnicking. I could see one above Langjophakha and another one above Lungtenphu town.

Landscape photography

Since this trail is through higher ground level having many Thimphu valley viewpoints, landscape photography enthusiasts can take photos of Thimphu valley landscapes from various angles.

wild mushrooms in Thimphu

Moreover, during autumn season, many people will be seen picking edible wild mushrooms. We can get many mushrooms. I have also picked some during my last autumn trekking.

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