To Singapore Botanic Gardens – Weekend Walk to Feel Nature


Singapore Botanic Gardens has more of nature, unlike Gardens by the Bay that has more of man-made things and less of nature – doesn’t mean I don’t like it. They are just beautiful in their own terms. Former speaks about Singapore’s effort in conservation of nature whereas the latter does that of her technological creativity in the preservation of nature.

Nature of singapore botanic gardens
– Pristine Pond of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

I have been to Gardens by the Bay several times as most Bhutanese who come to me prefer going there. But after I have visited Singapore Botanic Gardens last weekend with my friend Kezang, I want to confess that I love the Botanic Gardens more.

travel singapore botanic gardens
– Soothing sights for your exhausted eyes.

The moments of walking around this huge Botanic Garden of huge trees, expansive green lawns, pristine ponds, and beautiful orchids were so rewarding. Its peacefulness, serenity, and nature-ness altogether gave me such a therapeutic experience!

weekend trip to botanic gardens
– Kelzang must be posting pictures.
lives in botanic garden ponds
– This couple seems to having their time.
mangrove vines in Singapore
– Are those mangrove vines?
Family tour in Singapore botanic gardens
– She has got an umbrella for photography.

The history has that Singapore Botanic Gardens was started in 1859. Which means it’s already 160 years old. Because of that maybe, UNESCO has recognized Singapore Botanic Gardens as the World’s Heritage Site in 2015.

Fishing in Singapore botanic garden
– Just remain soaked with the Nature.
Tourists in botanical gardens
– Expect many tourists during weekends.

Singapore Botanic Garden is a compound of numerous smaller gardens. These small gardens are Ginger Garden, National Orchid Garden, Sun Garden, Children’s Garden and Evolution Garden. People who have less time go directly to the National Orchid Garden.

National orchid garden entrance
– National Orchid Garden Entrance.
national orchid garden plants
– Orchid of National Orchid Garden.
Singapore botanic gardens orchid
– Smelled aroma of numerous orchids.
Botanical garden fountain
– A small fountain of orchid garden.
statues of botanic garden
– Immortalized musicians of 1800s.
Things kids can do in Singapore Botanic gardens
– I had hard time selecting my own best photo.

All parts of Singapore Botanic Gardens are free except you have to pay $5.00 at National Orchid Garden. Its area is so vast that we can go for hiking, biking and even picnicking. The good thing is it remains opened from 5:00am to midnight every day!


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