Royal Botanical Park of Bhutan at Lampelri, a nice place to visit


If you are heading to Punakha from Thimphu or vice versa, Royal Botanical Park of Bhutan at Lampelri is something that deserves your visit – or you deserve to visit it. It’s around 2 km away from Dochula pass on the way to Punakha.

Lamperi Botanical Garden Bhutan has collection of country’s bio-diversities. It’s specifically popular with different rhododendron species in Bhutan. It also has other species of plants and herbs.

Lake below Dochula

If you’re bit tired of travel, this park provides a good place to relax and stretch your limbs. It also has short-distance walking trails, boating services, children playground and various bird-watching points.

6 things to do at Royal Botanical Park, Lampelri

#1 Boating over clean pond

There are few boats near a small pond of Royal Botanical Park Lamperi. You can ask its caretaker and try boating – no separate charge for the service. Boats don’t operate with petrol motors.

Royal Botanical park at Lampelri

However, it’s fun. You can provide some movement to your otherwise rigid and sore legs when you paddle them. During spring, it would be even wonderful with lush grass around the boating pond.

#2 Walking through woods

Lampelri park stretches to quite a wider area providing plenty space to take walk through woods. You’ll have the moments of being close with nature away from civilization – peaceful and fresh.

climbing tree in Bhutan

During appropriate seasons, you get opportunity to see different species of plants like rhododendrons, Himalayan orchids, herbs and dwarf bamboos. There are number of walking trails:

  • Lumitsawa Ancient Trail – 3 hours.
  • Thana Jungle Trail – 7 hours.
  • Dochula Nature Trek – 2 hours.
  • Longchu Hike – 3 hours.
  • Rhododendron Trail – 1/5 hour.
  • Tsherchu Trail – 1 hours.

Tourists coming to Bhutan cover all those short Thimphu hiking trails in a one-day tour package. They also include sightseeing at Dochula pass, Trashigang Goemba and Lungchutse.

#3 Bird watching & Photography

Unlike Royal Botanical Garden Thimphu, this park is basically within forest. This means you can take some walking trails, stand on one of the view points and enjoy bird watching.

Orchids at Lampelri park

You will enjoy taking photos of various beautiful birds. This park provides a good place for taking eco-adventure and wildlife photography for leisure travellers, nature enthusiasts, students, researchers and explorers.

#4 See various plants and animals

The main objective of this park is to showcase different bio-diversities of Bhutan. You can find different types of trees, flowers and herbs like in Serbithang Thimphu Botanical Park.

Lampelri park

However, during winter and autumn seasons, you won’t be able to see as many as you want – especially flowers. I was told there are musk deer, red panda, leopard and other wild cats.

#5 Distant mountain views

During clear weather, you can enjoy the distant view of snow-capped Himalayan mountains, valleys and hills. There are many view points.

walking trails near Dochula

In April every year, there is also annual Rhododendron Festival of Bhutan in this Royal Botanical Park. If you travel to Bhutan in this month, you’ll be able to attend this festival. All Rhododendron species in Bhutan will be there on exhibition.

#6 Picnicking and camping

There is a nice ground where we can open our packed lunch, other edibles and then have them sitting on a clean ground. If you are with children, there is also a separate playground for children.

tent of yak herder in Bhutan

Lampelri Royal Botanical Park administration also allows outdoor camping by paying Nu.250/night. There are tap water for toiletry, washing and cooking purposes. There are also latrines.

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  1. Very well elaborated of the place. I am sure, especially the foreigners will be desperately wanting to visit the place when they are in Bhutan. The Photographs are a true mavens.

  2. Sherab Tenzin on

    If you also didn’t visit before, I would suggest you to visit it when you travel to Thimphu (but if you are in private car). The place becomes more beautiful during spring and autumn.

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