12 popular tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh, India


When I traveled Himachal Pradesh, I felt as if I wasn’t travelling to another part of India. Things that make India not one of the sought-after tourist destinations are indeed less there.

I personally found Himachal Pradesh, remote and poor yet rich with natural beauty which many have lost them for modernization. Himachal Pradesh would be best for tourists who are in love with nature photography, trekking, hiking, camping, rafting and rock climbing – everything to do with nature.

12 tourist attractions at Himachal Pradesh that are reasons to visit it at least once 

#1 Many Hot springs

Manikaran, under Himachal Pradesh is a valley blessed with abundance of hot springs. They have many outdoor swimming pools, indoor bathing and laundry services of trapped hot spring water.

best hot spring at Manikaran

Nothing beats the joy of remaining our bodies submerged in those hot springs. There are also hot lime rocks where we can anoint our body. They are said to relieve joint pains.

#2 No street beggars

One main disturbance for people travelling across India is its street beggars. But in Himachal Pradesh, you won’t see a single street beggar – all people seem contented. We can travel at ease. Nobody would be there to bother.

#3 Simple village life styles

When Manali, Mandi and Shimla aren’t included, Himachal Pradesh is basically a state of villages. Travelling to Himachal Pradesh appears like a journey through various typical Indian villages.

village life at Himachal

Buildings, hotels and everything look like part of a remote village – in a good way though. If you have been in city till date, travelling to Himachal Pradesh would be an activity of explorations.

#4 Good Local products

During my last visit to Himachal Pradesh, I have found that almost all products in the market are made by local people using locally available raw materials. We can see various artistically beautiful souvenirs.

Souvenir items from Himachal pradesh

They make varieties of mufflers – wonderfully cheap. When I was cold at Kalath, I went in one wine shop. Even wines at Himachal Pradesh are local products. Warnings are bold on bottles restricting their sale beyond Himachal Pradesh.

#5 Cool Alpine climate

Himachal Pradesh is on north-west India. This means we shouldn’t expect climate there to be sultry and hot like many other Indian states. It’s rather in a nature of alpine – cold in winter and cool during summer.

Mountains in Manikaran

There will be snowfalls in winter. So travelling to Himachal Pradesh during that season won’t be enjoyable unless you are from alpine climatic places. However, it will be indeed cool during summer.

#6 Good Tourist Hotels

There are many hotels for tourists at Himachal Pradesh. Some hotels are as good as any 5 stars rated hotels would be – international standard.

If you are on budget travel, Himachal Pradesh offers low price hotels for tourists. You’ll be indeed get hotel at rates as low as Rs.300 despite hotels’ interior decor and hospitality are excellent.

#7 Rock climbing services

Rock climbing is yet another tourist attraction at Himachal Pradesh. Parvati valley along Parvati River above Manikaran provides a good place for rock climbing.

When you are done with ascends and rest, don’t forget to enjoy beautiful views of valleys and hills at distant.

#8 Try their unique dresses

Dresses people at Himachal wear, especially that of men, are uniquely different. You can see their dresses similar to dresses worn by Pakistan people.

Dress of Himacha Pradesh

If you want to try their dresses, there are few photo studios that offer such services. They also provide outdoor photo shooting services at reasonable rates.

#9 River rafting Services

Himachal also has many water spots sites for river rafting, canoeing, swimming, water skiing, surfing, rowing and sailing etc for tourists.

Tattapani at Shimla, Beas at Kullu valley and Parvati along Parvati valley are some of the popular places for water sports at Himachal Pradesh. Young and adventurous people will enjoy as rapids in them are of II, III and IV grades.

#10 Traffic and Pollution

Roads maybe small and narrow at Himachal Pradesh. However, you’ll not be tempted to complain as they pass through serene valleys and terrains.

Guru burnt at Rewalsar lake

But there are less number of vehicles plying through those roads. And population is also less. Therefore, there is very less traffic and pollution problems.

#11 Good Religious Sites

There are many religious temples, historical sites, and nature treks at Himachal Pradesh that are common points of interest for tourists.

Guru Nanak Gurudwara built in reverence of Guru Nanak

Rewalsar lake and statues, Manikaran hot springs and temples, Rani Kuma Temple and King Joginder Sen palace at Mandi are some the places that are good for vacation as well as for pilgrimage.

#12 Trekking/Hiking Trails

Himachal is indeed a paradise for people who love walking, hiking and trekking. Geographical terrians and natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh itself favour trekking and hiking.

There are many tour operators at Manali, Kullu, Mandi and Shimla that provide following trekking and hiking:

  • Photography hiking.
  • Snow camping.
  • Sightseeing tours.
  • Lake hiking.

Popular places at Himachal for trekking, hiking and camping are Parvati pass, Solang Valley, Mount Kailash, Deo Tibba Base and Indrahar pass.

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