17 best places to visit – CNN has identified Bhutan as one of them


Bhutan is like a dot on the world map. However, it’s gradually becoming one of the best tourist destinations. So in recent times, it’s reported that number of people visiting Bhutan is on rise.

Largest lord Buddha statue in the world

Buddha Point, where 169 ft tall Lord Buddha stands above Thimphu

There are many reasons to visit Bhutan. Therefore, now many keep Bhutan as their travel destination.

5 facts of Bhutan that increase number of people visiting Bhutan:

  • Its main development index is happiness.
  • Bhutan is world’s first carbon negative country.
  • Tourism policy is ‘High Value, low impact’ in Bhutan.
  • Bhutan is often viewed as the last Shangri-la.
  • It aims to produce 100% organic food by 2020.

It has become more popular when Prince William and Kate Middleton visited and hiked to Paro Taktsang (Tiger Nest Monastery) in 2016.

Bhutanese bamboo basket

A man weaving bamboo basket

This year Tourism Council of Bhutan is also expecting farther rise in people visiting Bhutan. CNN has listed Bhutan in 17 best places to visit in 2017.

6 CNN’s reasons of Bhutan being the best travel destination:

  • Word’s first carbon negative country.
  • A Mountainous Buddhist Nation.
  • GNH as its national indicator.
  • World’s eco-friendliest nation.
  • ‘High value, low impact’ policy.
  • Natural scenery, culture & Food.

Bhutan offers more. Hence, I want to take this note little farther and make you get more ideas about Bhutan.

An American tourist seen during 2016 Thimphu Tshechu

An American tourist seen during 2016 Thimphu Tshechu

5 uncommon facts that must be known by Bhutan-travel aspirants:

  1. All tobacco products are outlawed in Bhutan.
  2. No KFCs and MacDonald in Bhutan.
  3. Tourist is charged with fee of $200 per day.
  4. Prostitution business is illegal in Bhutan.
  5. Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia.

And in Bhutan, Paro (district where only international airport is based) and Thimphu (capital city) are the two most tourist-visited places.

Paro International Airport

Hence you can find many tourist destinations in Paro. But some entails walking or hiking. So some may not be suitable for elder tourists. Yet many are connected with road.

9 best tourist destinations in and around Paro:

  1. Kichu Lhakhang
  2. Dungtse Lhakhang.
  3. National Museum.
  4. Paro Dzong
  5. Taktshang (Tiger’s Nest)
  6. Drugyel Dzong
  7. Hungrel Dzong.
  8. Drak Karpo Temple.
  9. Jhomolhari Base.

Except for Taktshang and Jhomolhari base, all other destinations are connected with road. Moreover, you can always take trolls around town to buy handicraft items and embroidered clothes.

Thimphu-capital of Bhutan

Thimphu-capital of Bhutan

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. This city will also offer many surprises. One hint for new Bhutan-travel aspirants. It still doesn’t have traffic control lights.

9 best tourist destinations in and around Thimphu:

  1. Simtokha Dzong.
  2. Tashichho Dzong.
  3. Centenary Park.
  4. Motithang Zoo.
  5. Buddha Point
  6. Dechenphodrang.
  7. Memorial Chorten.
  8. Handicraft shops.
  9. Changangkha.

If you go around Thimphu town, you can experience Bhutanese social life and nightlife. Because there are party halls, karakoes and Drayangs. You don’t have to worry. Pick-pocketing and other larceny activities are almost non-existent.

Atsara of 2016 Thimphu Tshechu - Atsaras are crowd entertainers in most Tshechus

Atsaras are usually crowd entertainers in most Tshechus

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