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Paro Tshechu is usually one of the much awaited celebrations for the people of Paro. In Bhutan, Paro is often called as ‘Rice Bowl’ of the country as it produces the maximum quantity of rice.

This means demographically speaking, maximum of its people are farmers who depend on agriculture for living. It’s for this reason, people there refused development of the valley to A Class Town.

Paro Tshechu usually happens in April annually. This year also it happened in first week of April. If we look into farming season start timings in Bhutan and the date of Paro Tshechu, former usually happens right after latter.

Mask dances of Paro

Therefore, Paro Tshechu signals the start of busy farming season for the people of Paro, who maximum of them are farmers.

Paro Tshechu in Past

I was told that in olden days no single person from Paro would miss a single day of the Tshechu. Families and relatives would come together to celebrate the Tshechu to sing their songs of gratitude and prayers.

It was during which people come in the best Ghos and Kiras of their lives packing the most delicious food and edibles. Since all come for Tshechu, young people find their matches in the crowd and then settle with their lives together.

Paro Festival crowd

It was during which there was no shortage people in performing Tshechu mask dances. I was told that it would be a matter of personal pride if one gets selected to be mask dancers.

Paro Tshechu NOW

Time keeps on changing. So we cannot expect everything to be one and same. The manner in which people look Tshechu also changes. Many youths love remaining snuggled up inside rooms watching movies than going out with family for Tshechu.

Nobody has time to attend all days of the Tshechu and see all the mask dances now. And also nobody is willing to become mask dancer during Tshechu unless paid.

Paro Tshechu Crowd

Young people these days find their matches through various social media than through social events like Tshechu.

Tourists during Paro Tshechu

However, Paro Tshechu is one of the best tourist attractions in Paro. Some tourists travel Bhutan at that season of the year just to attend Paro Tshechu. There are many cultural mask dancing programs and blessings.

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  1. Excellent profile of the place. Times are definitely changing. There are advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Hopefully the good old traditions will live with the people for as long as they should 🙂

  2. Sherab Tenzin on

    Thanks Lotis for your comment. Indeed time is definitely changing bring changes unto how people also look into things. Hope those culture remain in place for many years to come.

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