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Last updated on December 8th, 2018

If you know anything about Bhutan you’ll know that it’s a rich biodiversity country. However, if you stay in Thimphu city alone as a chair-based-traveler, it’s less probable that you’ll have interactive experiences with Bhutan’s Rich Nature. Majority of Thimphu town’s peripheral nature has been lost already to modernization and town expansion.

Small pockets of its good nature are preserved in the form of Botanical Gardens, Nature Parks and Recreational Parks. Ludrong Memorial Garden of Thimphu is one of them providing visual experiences of touching flowers, plants and also watching native birds and fishes for its visitors.

Where is Ludrong Memorial Garden?

When you visit Thimphu Dzong, you’ll see a stretch of peaceful lush green lawn at other side of Thimphu River dotted with few canopies, serene ponds, mani dungkhor and small cantilever bridges. It’s but Ludrong Memorial Nature Park of Thimphu Langjophakha.

Thimphu city Memorial park

Ludrong Memorial Garden during summer.

Langjophakha Ludrong Memorial Nature Park stands between the majestic Trashichoedzong and Bhutan Parliament House. They are connected by an eccentric wooden cantilever bridge. It’s about 600 meters below Thimphu-Dechencholing Road.

Ludrong Park in winter

It spreads over 8 acres land of varied species of flowers and trees, surrounded by willow trees. Walking in it especially during dawn and dusk listening to the tranquil sound  of Thimphu River makes it one of the most romantic points of interest. It’s another good place to spend time outdoor with families and friends.

The historical background of Garden

Place is earlier said to be known as ‘Ludrong’ meaning the ‘village of serpents’. But its ancient name was almost lost in an abyss of modern changes. However, opening of this nature park actually rekindled it. Since it was opened in memory of Late Prime Minister Jigme Palden Dorji by his sister Queen Mother Ashi Kezang, its name was given as Ludrong Memorial Garden.

Langjophakha Park Playground

Children having fun time at Memorial Garden.

The land is actually the property of Queen Mother Ashi Kesang Wangmo Wangchuk. It was a personal initiative of the Queen in converting it into a nature park. Therefore, Ludrong Memorial Garden is now not only a good Thimphu outdoor hangout place but also a place for its visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of Bhutan.

Ludrong Memorial Garden is for love

Ludrong Memorial Garden is all about love. The Queen Mother in converting her private land into a public nature park in memory of her late brother signifies her love for the brother. During an inauguration of Ludrong Memorial Park K4, K5, Gyaltsen and others attended it signifying the regal bonding among Royal families of Bhutan.

Best Thimphu sightseeing places

The reflection of Thimphu Dzong in distance from the pond.

This park claims of having 500+ species of trees out of which 70+ are fruits bearers, planted after detailed study of their adaptability characteristics. It also has 300+ species of native shrubs which have medicinal features. Presence of 1500+ species of flowers add so much to an overall beauty of the park.

Thimphu Park

It also has three ponds with continuous running stream water where more than 20 species of fishes have found home closer to the love and care of humanity. Ludrong Memorial Garden is also home for more than 15 species of common birds and 30+ seasonal migratory birds.

Best time for visiting Ludrong Park

In winter and late Autumn, the garden remains dry like any other nature parks. However, with regular mowing during monsoon, grass stubble don’t let areas become dusty even in winter. You can bring a carpet, sit on it and have outdoor picnic. It’s indeed better for children to have outdoor fun activities during winter.

Bhutanese model house in park

Bhutanese model house in park

However, in spring Ludrong Garden will be at its best natural grandeur. Willow trees surrounding the park regain their lost leaves and flowers start blooming. The park lawn grow fresh becoming palatable food for many seasonal birds of the area.

Ludrong Memorial Park

Small bridge over the fish pond.

During monsoon, surrounding willow trees will be dark green with well-developed leaves. Flowers will be still in full bloom with numerous birds hovering. You can have one of the best experiences of seeing reactions between wildlife, nature and natural occurrences. It offers better stretch of views during summer.

Opening-closing times of the Park

During summer (March-October), Ludrong Memorial Garden opens at morning 7 and remains open till 7 in evening. However, during winter (November-February) it remains open till 4. To provide time to park officials for cleaning and grass mowing, it remains closed on every Monday.

Things not allowed at Langjophakha Park

  • Throwing of stones into fish ponds.
  • Feeding of fishes.
  • Swimming in the pond.
  • Making of fire.
  • Picking or plucking flowers.
  • Taking pets inside the compound.
  • Shouting or loud musics.
  • Littering.
  • Picnicking near water ponds.


Things you can do in Ludrong Park

Kisa Villa is just few meters above this park. Tourists who stay in this hotel get to enjoy panoramic views of the park in early morning besides breathtaking views of Trashichoedzong, Bhutan Supreme Court, Lingka Palace and Dechenphodrang Monastery.

Thimphu Traditional bridge

Langjophakha-Hejo Bazam that links Thimphu Dzong and the park.

Bhutan Parliament House is just few meters from the entrance of the park. When weather is fine, you can have short walk within the park as well as between towards Thimphu Dzong. The cantilever bridge would be a good subject of photography with the backdrops of Parliament House or Thimphu Dzong.

Bhutanese girl models

If you can continue your walk little farther, you get to enjoy the bigger and closer view of Thimphu Dzong. And during summer, you get to walk through well-terraced paddy field of Hejo.

Langjophakha park flowers

There are more than 1500+ species of flowers in Ludrong Garden.

If you want little more inclusive views of the park, Zilukha Viewpoint and Dechenphodrang Monastery are the best photography and Thimphu Sightseeing Spots.

There are few tourist Hotels at Chubachu from where you can also reach Langjophakha park in a short walk. However, Kisa Villa offers better views. Your Thimphu Nightlife would be wonderful with views of flooding light lit Thimphu Dzong during night.

Places of interest near Memorial Park

  • Thimphu Trashichhoedzong.
  • Bhutan Supreme Court.
  • Royal Thimphu Golf Course.
  • Zilukha Viewpoint.
  • Dechenphodrang Lhakhang.
  • Lingkana Palace.
  • National Library of Bhutan.
  • Tarayana Park.
  • Hejo-Langjophakha Bazam.


Ludrong Memorial Garden was born out of love and it remains for love. Though this park is less known for tourists and local Bhutanese alike, it doesn’t fail to impress who make there.

Thimphu Dzong

Thimphu Trashichhoedzong.

You get an up-close-and-personal look at the Instagram-worthy beauty of Thimphu. Ludrong Memorial Garden offers its visitors with another beautiful piece of Thimphu. Therefore, tourists who visited it during appropriate seasons call it as the ‘heart of Thimphu’.

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