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In Bhutan, Lord Buddha, Zhabdrung Rinpoche and Guru Padmasambhava are three most revered religious figures. Hence, there is Buddha Dordenma statue at Buddha Point in Thimphu. It’s claimed to be the largest statue of Buddha in the world.

And it houses hundred thousand smaller Buddha statues in the design of the larger statue itself. All smaller statues are made out of bronze gilded in gold.

Largest lord Buddha statue in the world

Buddha Point, where 169 ft tall Lord Buddha stands above Thimphu

And in reverence to Guru Padmasambhava, there is a statue of Guru at Takila, Lhuentse. The 154ft statue is the tallest statue of Guru Rinpoche in the whole world.

Guru Nangsi Zilnon at Takila - side view

Guru Nangsi Zilnon at Takila – side view

I have been to Buddha Point several times as I reside in Thimphu. I have also attended its concretion ceremony. I also have quite a many photos of it taken from different directions during different seasons.

Largest guru statue in Bhutan

Guru Nangsi Zilnon in more inclusive front view at Takila

However, I have never been to Takila to see the tallest statue of Guru Rinpoche. It was during my recent travel to Eastern Bhutan, I had a chance.

Travel to Lhuentse Takila Statue – Locations

This statue is on a hill above Tangmachu village in Lhuentse. It is geographically on a higher gradient. So we can enjoy the serene beauty of villages around it.

A distant view of valley from Tangchu village

A distant view of valley from Tangmachu village

But it’s bit windy, dry and cold during winter. It would be better you visit during early spring. Weather would be favourable by then. Moreover you can see different agricultural works of local people.

Travel to Lhuentse Statue – Travel Routes

Indian tourists entering from Samdrupjongkhar can travel from there to Lhuentse. The distance between the two is around 350 KM. It’s a one day travel.

Kurichu Hydro power plant

Kurichu which is the main source of energy at Kurichu Hydro electricity plan

However, those entering from Phuntsholing can first travel to Thimphu, if to travel Lhuentse by public transport services. Otherwise to Paro if to travel by plane till Trashigang.

Tourist attractions in Lhuentse

A suspension bridge en route to Lhuentse Takila

Tourists from other countries can travel either from Paro-Trashigang-Takila or from Thimphu-Bumthang-Lhuentse-Takila. In former, you have an option of taking domestic flight till Trashigang.

Travel to Lhuentse Takila Statue – Transportation

If you are at Thimphu and is planning to travel Takila, you can use Public Transport Services. There is a bus from Thimphu to Lhuentse. But you should check availability of tickets at bus booking or Thimphu RSTA Office.

Waterfall on the way to Mongar from Bumthang

Waterfall on the way to Mongar from Bumthang

But remember that public transport service will reach you to Lhuentse. This means you need arrange to travel from there to Takila. But it’s just around 15 KM.

Chorten kora at Trashiyangtse

Chorten kora at Trashiyangtse

Either you can drive your private vehicle if you want a comfortable journey. In either case, you have to hold one night at Bumthang Chamkhar. Lhuentse is around 550 KM from Thimphu. It’s a two days travel.

Chamkhar town

Part of Bumthang Chamkhar town

However, if you are at Paro, you can travel by plane till Yonphula Domestic Airport and thereafter travel in a car. But this airport is not yet operational.

Tourist Attractions – Near Takila Guru Statue

If you want to explore more things nearby Takila statue, you have following attractions:

  • Tangmachu village & Chukpo Farmstay.
  • Dungkarcholing village & its lhakhang.
  • Pelri village and its lhakhang.
  • Karney village and its lhakhang.
  • Dangling village and its lhakhang.
  • Khesibee village and its village temple.
A field of prayer flags hoisted above Takila Guru statue

A field of prayer flags hoisted above Takila Guru statue

However, all these destinations are nearby the statue. While few entail 1-2 hrs of walking, others are just so near. More importantly you can experience life styles and cultures of people living in that part of Bhutan.

Tourist Attractions – En route to Takila statue

Reaching to Lhuentse takes few holds on the way. So you can visit some of the following attractions on the way:

  • Kurje and Jampa Lhakhangs in Bumthang.
  • Zukpola park & Trashigang Dzong in Trashigang.
  • Chorten Kora & Bumdeling Park in Yangtse.
  • Dremetise Lhakhang & Mongar Dzong.
Trashigang dzong under maintenance

Trashigang dzong under maintenance as of Dec 2016

The journey to Takila either from Samdrupjongkhar or from Thimphu/Paro would be an adventurous one. Because it is a travel through Himalayan vegetation with natural flowers, breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls.

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