Travel Blogger from BhutanI am Sherab Tenzin and I am from Bhutan. I have been blogging for past 6 years. But I was more into sharing blogging tips, online marketing strategies, and themes and templates customization. I could help quite a number of people.

However, when I met one travel blogger from the States last year, an idea of starting a travel blog came up all of a sudden in my mind.

Travel to Bodh GayaMy country is gradually becoming a popular tourist destination. The number of people visiting Bhutan is increasing. They’ll surely need information in planning their travels.

Therefore, if I can write reviews of tourist destinations in Bhutan and share my personal experiences of visiting them, I thought more tourists will be benefited.

I have always been fond of travelling to different places. I already have basic knowledge and experiences in blogging. I created DrukTrails – Travel Blog from Bhutan. So you can say DrukTrails actually combined my two passions of blogging and travelling.

It has been a year since I started DrukTrails. It’s doing fine as of now. I have also purchased one DLSR 18-200mm Nikon camera to complement my travel blogging. Photography seems to be an integral part of travel blogging.

Mission and Vision of my travel blogging

I have my 9-5 regular job. I am blogging just out of my passion for travelling new places, shooting photos and sharing them with a larger audience through blogging.

This means I may not be able to come up with new travel stories and reviews as often as full-time travel bloggers do. However, you can expect them to be more honest and unbiased. I am not blogging to make money.

Travel to philippinesMy focus will be on various places of interest, festivals, rural living styles, arts, crafts, hiking and trekking in Bhutan. However, my 9-5 regular job sometimes takes me to other countries. This means I might write some related travel stories from those countries. But it will be once in a blue moon!

Hope & inspiration of my travel blogging

Hope my travel stories and experiences would help you know more about Bhutan, and then when you actually travel to Bhutan you’ll feel like you are visiting for the second time.

I have forgotten to mention that though I might be someone who says so much, I am also someone who loves listening to others. If there is anything you think I can be of any help, let me know. Hopefully, I might be able to give some inspiration – or entertainment – or suggestions.

Thank you for managing time to go through DrukTrails – Travel Blog from Bhutan. Hope you’ll remain connected with me sharing your travel stories and experiences.

Happy Travelling!


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