Interesting walk over the suspension bridge of Punakha Bhutan


Whenever I travel Punakha, I make sure to visit the longest suspension bridge of Punakha that stretches at the length of about 350m over Phochu (Male River). The moment of running over it often with young school children, monks and tourists gives an exhilarating experience.

Longest suspension bridge of Punakha

Punakha suspension bridge photographed from its base.

Punakha itself is one of the best scenic places in Bhutan. Therefore, almost all tourists travelling to Bhutan visit Punakha. Man-made structure like this suspension bridge, traditional cantilever bridge and majestic Dzong make Punakha appear more beautiful.

Bhutanese monks at Punakha suspension bridge

Bhutanese monks crossing Punakha suspension bridge.

During my last visit, I have seen few male tourists cycling over the suspension bridge of Punakha. I could only imagine the level of their joy as they cycle over it enjoying the scenery and breathing fresh air. The mere act of walking over this bridge is like conquering the rapid and problematic flowing Phochu (Male River).

Punakha suspension bridge

This is a small eatery at the end of the bridge to buy edibles.

When many people walk over it in synchronizing steps, this suspension bridge tends to shake sideways making your walk even more heart pumping. However, tourists don’t seem to enjoy it as much as Bhutanese do. I have seen tourists waiting at the end.

Thai tourists posing at suspension bridge of Punakha

Thai tourists posing at camera near suspension bridge of Punakha.

If you are someone who goes for jogging in morning, the suspension bridge of Punakha provides a good platform. Cool morning breeze coming from the river beneath would make your jogging less tiring and more soothing.

Distant view of Punakha bridge

Distant view of the Punakha suspension bridge shot from a hilltop.

The distant views of Punakha farmland, villages, Khuruthang town and Punakha Dzong are good subjects of landscape photography. You might also see young couple dating over the bridge and playfully taking selfies.

Nature beauty of Punakha valley

Beauty of Punakha valley as seen from the bridge.

Therefore, the suspension bridge of Punakha is one of the places of interest for tourists at Punakha. When you travel Punakha, don’t forget to go there and enjoy the moment of crossing the longest suspension bridge of Bhutan. Your visit at the suspension bridge of Punakha would be more fun if you do cycling over it.

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