Experience Mactan white sand Beaches without Hotel Rooms


I told my Filipino friends that I want to experience visiting clean and beautiful ocean beaches with facilities of seeing aquatic animals. They were suggesting Oslob Island of Cebu where there is not only beautiful ocean beaches but also swimming pools with sharks and whales inside.

When I realized that Oslob is at a distance of about 130 KM, I had to drop the idea. Oslob Whale Shark watching seems very good place for tourist like me. But I had to forget it because of its distance. However, alternatively they suggested me Mactan white sand beaches.

Beautiful beach and swimming pool in Mactan BE Hotel

Immediately I browsed the map and calculated the distance between Mactan white sand beaches and Diamond Suites and Residence, the hotel I was staying. Mactan white sand beaches is at 12 Km away from main Cebu town. I was optimistic that am going to make it there at least.

Hotel in Mactan that has good front beaches

However, points to be noted. All Mactan white sand beaches aren’t worth of visiting as they are not beautiful and clean. My Filipino friends were suggesting me visiting the white sand beaches that is in front of the Hotel Shangri-la. We noted it, called a taxi and then off we went to Hotel Shangri-la.

Best beaches in cebu for tourists

When we reached at Shangri-la hotel, it was a sad thing to know that they have stopped day-use services for white sand beaches. This means we have to compulsory stay in their room to visit their front beaches. I requested the security people that we just want to see the beach and nothing more. It won’t take us more than 10 mins. They didn’t allow me either.

Mactan white sand beaches of Cebu

I asked the taxi driver if there is any other white sand beach nearby hotel Shangri-la that is as beautiful as that of Shangri-la hotel’s. He was suggesting me a beach which he says is better but about 15 km away from that place. When I conveyed my refusal to travel that far, I was suggested BE Hotel which also allows day-use of their white sand beaches and swimming pools.

Swimming pool at Mactan beach

We went there. It was just nearby Hotel Shangri-la and indeed didn’t take us even 10 mins. I was happy they actually have day-use services. Three of us (Bhutanese) paid fees of 999 peso/person and went to the beach. The beach is very clean and beautiful.

We get to use WiFi, swimming pool, towels and free lunch with that 999 peso. We can remain near the beach taking photos, swimming and basking in sun until 9 in the evening. All of us agreed that fees is reasonable. Sky was clear initially. We thought of not swimming. When sun went behind clouds, two of us went for swimming in the beach.

Fun at Mactan white sand beaches

Though my friends have experiences of swimming at ocean beaches in the past, I was the only one in the group who is swimming for the first time. It became a joke for them. We remained swimming at Mactan white sand beaches and sometimes just soaking in ocean water until we returned to our hotel at 4 in evening. It was a memorable experience.

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