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Last updated on March 30th, 2020

When I was in the Philippines for past one week, the obvious question I get from people I interact is ‘Where are you from?’ But when I say am from Bhutan (Kingdom of Yangdon), most of them go blank with a facial expression that says something like, ‘where the hell on Earth is that?’

Some of them go to the extent of saying, ‘Is it in South America?’ and some admit they have never heard of it. Few start speaking in their language thinking I am from Butuan – another city of the Philippines which phonetically sounds like Bhutan.

Tashichho Dzong
– Trashichhoe Dzong where Mikay meets the king Anand.

Of course I shouldn’t expect people of such a large country with 100 millions plus population to know about a little country Bhutan that doesn’t have even 1/10th of its population. Some of them even might be not knowing all about the islands of their country.

Druk Wangyel Temple
– Druk Wangyel Lhakhang where Mikay also visits.

However, in recent time the TV Series ‘Princess and I’ have become popular in the Philippines especially among youths. So, it was great relief for me to know that Bhutan is being featured in the drama as ‘Kingdom of Yangdon’. In evening I watch few episodes of it from YouTube. Since then, introducing Bhutan as a Yangdon Country to my Filipino friends have become way lot easier.

  • Temples and monasteries of Kingdom of Yangdon shown in movie are real?
  • Where is the Kingdom of Yangdon actually?
  • Is Kingdom of Yangdong a real country?
  • Kingdom of Bhutan is really the Kingdom of Yangdon?
  • Kingdom of Yangdong has kings and Queens?
  • Who is the present Princess of Yangdon?
  • Where is Yangdong Kingdom – Asia or West?
  • Where is Yangdon?
  • Can Filippinos travel to the Yangdon Kingdom?
  • Did you watch ‘Princess and I’ full movie?
  • Does Philippines have diplomatic relationship with Kingdom of Yangdon?

No matter even if I am done with answering above questions they bombard me with, some of them even bear the expression of confusion. Therefore, today I am going to share pictures of Kingdom of Yangdon (Bhutan) that were featured in the movie of ‘Princess and I’.

Places of shooting ‘Princess and I’ in the Kingdom of Yangdon

01. Thimphu and Trashichhoe Dzong

Thimphu tshechu
– Terrace above Dzong where prince Anand and Isabel romance.

02. Dochula and Druk Wangyel Temple

Dochula Pass
– Dochula Pass where Mikay gets to visit riding in a Maruti Bolero.

03. Punakha and Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong
– Punakha Dzong is a palace in the movie Princess and I.

04. Paro & Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Den)

Paro Taktshang
– Mikay loses her camera on the return from Paro Taktsang.
Paro Dzong at Night
– Paro Dzong above which Ashi Bhutia throws some powders.

05. Thimphu-Punakha Highway

Rinchengang Village of Kingdom of Yangdon
– Mikay goes with a group of women.

Kingdom of Yangdon is a real country though name was fiction. And watch out for the flag that flutters in front of Trashichhoe Dzong in the movie. Because it isn’t Bhutan’s National Flag. If you want to travel to Kingdom of Yangdon, read this article and also this. People from the Kingdom of Bhutan would be happy to see you all!

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