disclosure policy of DrukTrails

We shall shall remain morally transparent with our readers or other related parties of our travel blog. Therefore, we have created this disclosure policy.

In our articles, we might use links of products or services that we feel would be helpful for our readers. We’ll also disclose if we have received benefits for sharing them – be it either monetary or non-monetary.

We might also write reviews of services or products we come across during our travel. But we will be honest. we will write how we experienced – nothing more – nothing less.

All the contents are individual author’s creation. If we use any from other sources, we’ll make sure to cite the sources. This means, none of contents here can be used without prior consent from the admin or the author.

If you have any question regarding our disclosure policy or need any explanation, write to us at kuzuzangpo@druktrails.com or drop it in our contact box.

Disclosure policy last updated on 24th December 2017.
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