Chinese Architecture in the Philippines – Cebu Taoist Temple


When I was at Cebu, I wanted to visit the Taoist Temple of the city. Its unique architectural designs and descriptions given in various travel websites are but very tempting. So, I hired a taxi from Cebu and went to visit the Taoist Temple.

Philippines Dragons

Filipinos believe these flying dragons also guard the temple.

It’s about seven kilometers from Diamond Suites and Residences – the hotel in Cebu I stayed for six days. I had options either to go by taxi, jeep, Uber cars or motor bikes. But I took a taxi for 150 peso in one way. I wasn’t sure how long it would take me.

Entrance of Taoist Temple of Cebu

My friend posing at the entrance railings of Taoist Temple.

The beauty of Taoist Temple became visible immediately I got out of the taxi at parking. Its hilltop location gives good views of the Cebu City for photography.

Chinese built it sometimes in 1970s. The outlook of the temple with various wall paintings that are usually popular in China altogether represent influences of China in the Philippines.

Taoist Temple

The temple’s overall outlook represents Chinese Architecture.

Though it was initially a center of worship for Taoism followers. But now it’s open for all people irrespective of their religions. There is also a statue of Buddha in the middle of lotus flower pond.

Tourist with Filipino girls

Local people also visit this temple for prayers and blessings.

There is a belief that washing our hands in its stream can clean all our sins. And I was told that we can also predict our luck by throwing two wood blocks in sanctum. But I didn’t get inside as I wasn’t in formal dress. They don’t allow photography inside the temple.

Statues in Cebu Taoist temple

A statue of Fisherman fishing from a pond.

But Taoist Temple is beautiful outside so much it’s inside. People respect its concrete railing as the replica of Great Wall of China. This might be the reasons. I saw many Chinese tourists at the temple during my visit.

There are also models of flying dragons on its top as well as in its external lawn. We can also see white stone lion in front of its shrine room entrance. They are guards of the Taoist Temple.

Guards of Taoist temple

Befriending one of the guards of the Temple.

Therefore, Taoist Temple offers a short getaway for people of city or tourists who are at Cebu on vacations. Taoist Temple might be a small temple but its unique architectures and photogenic location make it one of the interesting tourist attractions of the City.

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