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Last updated on August 31st, 2018

Bhutan being one of the most expensive tourist destinations in Asia, people are wondering if one can travel Bhutan solo. And more specifically, can female travel Bhutan solo and how much will it cost for female travelers to travel Bhutan solo. In this Bhutan female solo travel guide I will answer all those questions.

To get it straight, it has been and will always be possible for female travelers to travel Bhutan solo. But before I take you through my Bhutan female solo travel guide and requirements therein, let us get into experiences of those female travelers who have traveled Bhutan solo in the past. Let us read some of the Bhutan solo travel blogs especially that of female Bhutan solo travelers.

How is Bhutan for Female solo travelers?

Nowhere it’s given that female travellers cannot travel Bhutan solo. Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), the main regulatory agency of tourism in Bhutan doesn’t restrict solo travelling in Bhutan.

Therefore, female travellers like Melissa of High Heels & Backpack and Divya Rai of A Borrowed Backpack have travelled Bhutan solo. Read their Bhutan solo travel blogs and stories to convince yourself that it’s possible for females to travel solo in Bhutan. I find good Bhutan female solo travel guide in their experiences.

You got it now. It’s possible for females to travel solo in Bhutan. But another question will be ‘Is Bhutan Safe for a Female to Travel Solo?’ When safety is concerned, it depends on your behaviours and precautions during travels. In general, Bhutanese people are peace lovers and aren’t someone who’ll try to find edge even in eggs.

But for now, many consider Bhutan as one of the most safest destinations in Asia for solo travellers. India Today votes Bhutan as one in the 5 destinations that are absolutely safe for women travelers. And Travel Weekly Asia views Bhutan is best made for Singletons.

However, there are solo travel bloggers who include Bhutan in the list of the Hardest countries to travel solo. But their views are from the perspective of Bhutan travel cost and administrative procedure requirements. Therefore, let me explain how much will it actually cost for female travellers to travel solo in Bhutan.

Bhutan travel cost for Female solo Travellers

If you are from India, Bangladesh or Maldives you don’t have to travel Bhutan in minimum daily package. This means you don’t have to deposit any money in advance as minimum daily tariff unlike people from other countries.

You can just enter Bhutan on your own, book hotels, process permits and then start your travel. This means you can basically go for solo backpacking in Bhutan and come up with good Bhutan backpacking blog for your friends. Your travel don’t have to route through TCB certified Bhutanese travel agents.

But the case is different for female solo travellers who are from countries other than India, Bangladesh and Maldives. You cannot travel Bhutan independently without your travel routing through a Bhutanese travel agent and depositing total of minimum daily package in advance.

SeasonsGroup of 3 or moreGroup of 2One person
Winter & SummerUSD 200USD 230USD 240
Spring & AutumnUSD 250USD 280USD 290

Female solo travellers from other countries will be paying either USD $290 or USD $240 daily depending on the season of travel in Bhutan. But that includes cost of hotel rooms, transportation, meals, fees and a tour guide. It doesn’t include flight charges. Therefore, solo backpacking in Bhutan isn’t something that will make you smile.

Bhutan Female Solo Travel Guide – Things Needed

Solo Female Travellers from India, Bangladesh and India have to get Bhutan travel permits. They are issued at Bhutan Immigration Offices of Phuentsholing and Paro. You have to submit proof of hotel bookings and draft travel itineraries along with other documents.

But permits issued at Phuentsholing and Paro are valid only in Phuentsholing, Paro, Haa and Thimphu. If you want to travel beyond those four, you have to process another permit in Thimphu Immigration Office. If you are on self-drive trip in Bhutan, you have to process Bhutan driving permit wherever you have to process travel permit.

Female solo travellers from other countries, you have to get Bhutan VISA and flight tickets before actually entering Bhutan. Except for flight tickets, Bhutan VISA will be processed by your Bhutanese travel agent on receipt of total daily package advances.

Best Destinations in Bhutan for Female Solo Travel

Bhutan though is safe for female to travel around hunting for offbeat experiences, except for females from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, it will be quite expensive. Because paying USD $240 or 290 per day won’t make you smile.

Therefore, destinations in Bhutan for female solo travel I recommend will be basically in urban places of Bhutan where services and amenities are better. Some of the best destinations in Bhutan for female solo travel are:

The capital of Bhutan. Motithang Takin Preserve, Craft Market, Folk Hertitage Museum, Buddha Point, Tashichho Dzong are some of destinations female solo travellers.

Haa Valley
Quite remote in appearances. But can experience good homestay services and facilities. In Haa visit Lhakhang Karpo, Lhakhang Nakpo, Meri Punsum and Chelela Pass.

Paro District
The place of only international airport in Bhutan. Visit Tiger Nest Monastery, Bumdra Monastery, Kichu Lhakhang, Sangchoekhor and Paro Museum in Paro.

The former capital of Bhutan. Punakha Dzong, Suspension bridge, Chimi Lhakhang and Khamsum Lhakhang are places to visit in Punakha.

Best Bhutan Travel Agent for Solo Female Travellers

Female solo travellers in Bhutan can get better experiences in Bhutan if your travel agent manages female tour guide for you. In Bhutan, there are not many female tourist guides. But if you choose Bhutan Molay Travel Agent, you’ll have dedicated Bhutanese female tour guide.

Bhutan Molay Travel Agent is an agency established by a female for female solo travellers in Bhutan. It has a good name in the market of being popular Bhutanese travel agent for female solo travellers. Therefore, now it’s clear that solo travelling in Bhutan is possible for female travelers.

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