45 uncommon Facts of Bhutan all Tourists need to know


Bhutan is gradually becoming one of the most popular destination for tourists. CNN has recently included Bhutan in the list of 17 countries to be visited in 2017.

But it’s also one of the most expensive tourist destinations with the government’s requirement of tourists having to pay minimum daily tariff of $250. It’s almost impossible for backpackers to travel Bhutan as bookings must be done through government approved tour operators.

However, on a positive note, if you can visit Bhutan, you’ll be presented with many wonderfully unique things. Therefore, note some of the facts you must know about Bhutan before starting your travel:

#1 A landlocked country with an approx population of 0.7 million

facts of Bhutan

#2 It’s also called Druk-Yul meaning ‘The Land of Thunder Dragon’

Paro valley

#3 Bhutan is the world’s first country to outlaw tobacco products

facts of Bhutan

#4 Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, still doesn’t have traffic lights

Thimphu town view

#5 Statistics shows 74% of Bhutan is still under forest coverage

Thimphu-capital of Bhutan

#6 Bhutan is a ‘Constitutional Democratic Monarchy’ country 

Phuntsholing to Thimphu

#7 Its state religion is Buddhism though there are minor religions

National flag of Bhutan in front of a monastery

#8 Takin, animal of goat’s head & cow’s body, is its national animal

National animal of Bhutan in zoo

#9 In Bhutan, almost 60% of total population has DoB on 1st Jan

Thimphu tshechu

#10 30 alphabetic Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan

Chorten kora at Trashiyangtse

#11 Bhutan became the member of UNO in the year 1974

Dhur village

#12 Basic Health Care and Education are free for Bhutanese

Nganglam school

#13 Marrying with more than one person (Polygamy) isn’t illegal

Bhutanese women in national dress Kira

#14 Bhutan measures its developmental success in Happiness 

Bhutanese children

#15 Homosexuality is punishable as per Bhutan’s Constitution

morning beauty of dochula pass

#16 Bhutan’s main income are from export of electricity & Tourism

Punakha Dzong

#17 Bhutanese believe that phallus painting bring luck and fertility

Phallus paintings in Bhutan

#18 Tourists have to pay $250/day via any approved tour operator

bad things of Bhutan

#19 Bhutanese love chilies so much and Chili isn’t a flavouring spice

Red dry chili in Bhutan

#20 Bhutan is a country that declared to remain carbon negative

Ura village

#21 Bhutanese cannot have citizenships of two or more countries

Tourist attractions in Thimphu

#22 People from India & Nepal can travel to Bhutan with their IDs

Bhutan river rafting reviews

#23 Paro Airport is the only International Airport in Bhutan

Paro valley - Rice bowl of Bhutan

#24 Bhutanese use Marijuana herbs to feed their domestic pigs

cannabis in Bhutan

#25 In Bhutan’s Constitution, King is the head of the state

Thimphu dzong image

#26 Bhutan doesn’t permit climbing of mountains above 6000 mtrs

mountaineering in Bhutan

#27 Since Bhutan is a mountainous, there are no railway networks

Fluffy clean clouds in Bumthang

#28 Bhutan’s currency is Ngultrum, which is equal to Indian Rupee

Bhutan currency facts

#29 Bhutan was never captured or colonized by another country

Places visited by Black-necked cranes in Bhutan

#30 Bhutan is a last country to allow internet & television in 1999

beautiful village in Bhutan

#31 Bhutan has 20 Districts. All districts have one Festival each

#32 One of the world’s biggest statue of Lord Buddha is in Thimphu

Largest lord Buddha statue in the world

#33 Bhutanese believe existence of giant human-like Migoli (Yeti)

#34 Visitors can also play dice in temples to predict future success

Kurje Lhakhang

#35 Bhutan was first opened for foreign tourists only in 1974

An American tourist seen during 2016 Thimphu Tshechu

#36 Taktshang Monastery is a popular Bhutan’s tourist destination

#37 Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wanghuck is the present king of Bhutan

K5 of Bhutan

#38 killing of endangered animals will be punished and imprisoned

#39 The eldest daughter in family gets rights over parental wealth

Bhutanese bamboo basket

#40 There is no culture of serving a desserts after meals in Bhutan

confluence at Punakha

#41 Archery of bamboo bows & arrows is Bhutan’s National Game

archery game in Bhutan#42 Bhutan is the most happiest country in Asia & 84th in world 

happiness in Bhutan

#43 HM Jigme Singye Wangchuk, Bhutan’s K4 is founder of GNH

K4 of Bhutan

#44 World’s highest un-climbed mountain is in northern Bhutan

unclimbed mountains in Bhutan

#45 Bhutan celebrated birth of crown prince planting 108,000 trees

how Bhutan welcome their crown prince

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