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Last updated on August 4th, 2018

Paro valley doesn’t fail to provide feast for adventurous trekkers and hikers. You can surrender yourself to some of the best short hikes in Paro Bhutan. Being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in western Bhutan, trekking in Paro itself is always a molecule of enriching experiences.

The pristine landscapes with tapestry of apple orchards, rural farmland, hill side monasteries and hamlets in all are good opportunities to reward yourself with profound tranquility of nature and mankind co-existence.

The weather also remains fairly favourable for hiking and trekking in Paro valley. There are various species of flora and fauna you can discover amidst ridges of those Paro treks. In some of these 20 best hikes in Paro Bhutan – Popular Trekking Places of Paro, you can perhaps boast of spotting blue poppy – National Flower of Bhutan.

Therefore, in this post I’m sharing a list of 20 short hikes of Paro. These are basically hikes which many would consider as day hikes in Paro Bhutan. And places mentioned in those Paro Day Hikes are basically places for trekking in Paro.

  1. Taktsang Monastery Hike

Taktsang Monastery Hike

Taktsang Monastery Hike a.k.a Tiger Nest Hike is one of the best short hikes in Paro not to mention as most popular Bhutan day hike. This hike is physically rewarding so much it’s spiritually uplifting. Located among precarious cliffs, Taktsang Monastery is an embodiment of Bhutan’s history and culture. It challenges principles of modern engineering and science.

  1. Dhob Shari-Bumdra Hike

Paro Shari Trek

Bumdra Sky Burial Hike can be bit harder compare to other short hikes in Paro Bhutan. Unless you are physically stiff and acclimatized, you won’t be able to complete it in a day. Starting from Shari village, the trail goes through forest of dwarf trees and pines. However, many people don’t go Bumdra from here. It takes longer and the trail isn’t a well-trodden one.

  1. Sangchoekhor-Bumdra Hike

Sangchoekhor trek in Paro

Bumdra as the best camping place in Paro, there is another trail from Sangchokhor Monastery. Sangchokhor-Bumdra Trail is gentle slope with occasional sights of upper parts of Paro valley. This is the popular trekking trail in Paro leading to Bumdra. On reaching the destination, sleeping in a tent with an expansive alpine views is an enriching experience.

  1. Shari-Chumbu Nye Hike

Best Place to visit in Paro after Taktsang – Chumbu Lhakhang

Trekking along Dhob Shari stream is a journey to Chumbu Nye – Buddhist temple with a floating statue of Varja Yogini. It’s one of the best short hikes in Paro Bhutan after Taktsang Hike. The hiking trail has low elevation ridges of hemlock, blue pines and dwarf bamboos. Some attractions of this hike are holy waterfall, lake, floating statue and of course Chumbu Goemba itself.

  1. Shaba-Dongkola Hike

Dongkola-great viewpoint of Paro

Dongkola Temple is located on a hilltop facilitating views of Thimphu and Paro. For Bhutanese, Dongkola is the most sacred temple. But for tourists, hiking to Dongkola temple is one of the best day hikes in Paro valley. Dongkola trail starts from Shaba. We can also start from Thimphu Khasadrapchu.

  1. Paro Zuri Dzong Hike

Paro paddy plantation tours

Zuri Dzong is one of the oldest Dzongs of Bhutan. It was built in 1352 i.e almost 300 years before Paro Dzong. In this Zuri hike Paro valley, you get to walk between Rinpung Dzong and Zuri Dzong. It doesn’t offer many attractions. However, Zuri Dzong Hike in Bhutan is one of most popular day hikes of Paro. We get to take photo of Paro Dzong from another angle with views of Paro Airport.

  1. Chelela-Kila Goemba Hike

Chelela Pass in winter

Chelela Pass is one of the best trekking places in Paro to spot the national flower of Bhutan. During winter, the line of prayer flags in Chelela pass look wonderful with backdrops of white mountains. Trekking in Chelela pass is more spiritually rewarding if you also visit Kila Goemba Nunnery.

  1. Drakarpo Mound Hike

Dra Karpo Lhakhang

Drakarpo in Paro Shaba is a sacred mound where pilgrims make 108 rounds to cleanse their sins. There is a belief that Guru Padmasambhava subdued a demon when he entered a huge rock. It doesn’t have many tourist attractions like Taktsang Goemba. However, hiking around it for 108 times taste our spiritual dedication.

  1. Jimjalo Monastery Hike

This is one of the less known short hikes in Paro Bhutan. Not even many Bhutanese visit this monastery. The monastery is located near Shaba village. In oral tradition, Lam Drukpa Kuenley has mediated in the cave. When he left he has forgotten to take his shoe. It’s now in shrine of the temple. From road end, we have to hike for about 2.5 hours.

  1. Shari-Jele Dzong Hike

This Paro Day hike can be started from Shari above Paro Tadzong. This trekking in Paro is basically to visit Jele Dzong built in 15th century by great grandfather of Zhabdrung. The trail goes through gentle slope of thin pine tree forest until reaching an open meadow below the temple. We can enjoy great views of Paro valley from the Dzong.

  1. Sangchoekhor Hike

Sangchokhor Monastery hike in Paro

If you want to see how aircraft looks during take offs or landing in Paro Airport, Sangchoekhor is the best place. Because you will be hiking through forest of pine trees at higher elevation but straight to the airport. It’s also a popular place for wild mushrooms hunting in Paro. During appropriate seasons, you’ll often meet people with edible mushrooms.

  1. Tacho Temple Hike

Tachog Lhakhang views

This is one of the best short hikes in Paro that won’t require more than 40 minutes. It’s walking to Tachogang Lhakhang; a temple that is at left river bank when you travel from Paro to Thimphu. But you’ll have nerve wrecking experiences when you walk over 900 years old iron bridge of Bhutan built by Lam Thangthong Gyalpo.

  1. Paro-Haa Valley Sagala Hike

Sagala Hike is one of the longest Paro day hikes. The hiking trail joins valleys of Paro and Haa. In olden days, people have used this trail during paddy plantation and harvest seasons. Though few take it as 3 days trekking in Paro package, sporty people can complete in a day. The trail has views of Mount Jomolhari, Drageygang and Taktsang Monastery.

  1. Taktsang-Drugyel Dzong Hike

Paro Drugyel Dzong hikes

This day hike of Paro is basically an extension of Taktsang Monastery Hike. If you start Tiger Nest Hike in early hours of a day, taking a right detour on return is a trail of Taktsang-Drugyel Dzong Hike. Not many people undertake this hike though. However, if you can undertake, you’ll see Tiger Nest Monastery from other hill.

  1. Chelela-Kichu Lhakhang Hike

This trekking in Paro is also less known to hikers and trekkers. This hike must start from Chelela Pass for the fact that it takes 2 hours in a single journey alone. When we are done with sightseeing around Chelela Pass, we can hike down through low hill of prayer flags. The trail was used by herders from Paro and Haa when they migrate their yaks and cows.

  1. Paro Ta Dzong Hike

Paro Ta Dzong Hike

Paro Ta Dzong is the national museum of Bhutan. Though we can visit it by driving a car, a better option will be hiking till its parking from Paro Ancient Bridge. It won’t take more than hour to get there. We can also visit Paro Rinpung Dzong on the way. The views of Paro valley, Zuri Dzong and Paro Airport are photographers’ bliss. On return, you can take right footpaths to have village walking tours in Paro Bhutan.

  1. Dzongdrakha Village Hike

Dzongdrakha temple

I was told that tourists often mistake Dzongdrakha Lhakhang as Taktsang Monastery. Though they look similar in architecture and location nature, Dzongdrakha Lhakhang is just above Bondey. When you travel Chelela Pass, it’ll be on left side of the road. If you hike from Bondey to Dzongdrakha Lhakhang, it’s one of the best village walking tours in Paro Bhutan.

  1. Chuzom-Dobji Dzong Hike

Dobji Dzong hike - best short hikes in Paro Bhutan

When you’re at a confluence of rivers from Paro and Haa, sparing your time hiking to Dobji Dzong is a good idea. Dobji Dzong though is rumored to be the central jail of Bhutan in olden days and also where death sentences were passed, it looks beautiful on a hilltop. Many Bhutanese take shots there for movies and musical videos.

  1. Drakey Pangtsho Hike

paro drakey pangtsho lake hike

Drakey Pangtsho Hike is a combination of walking village tours in Paro and Bhutan trekking package. Bhutanese travel agents have this in Paro Bhutan hiking travel packages. If you want to consider it as a Paro day hikes excursion, you have to start from Paro early. Drakey Pangtsho lake is one of the hidden places of trekking in Paro Bhutan.

  1. Taktsang-Bumdra Hike

Taktsang to Bumdra

Since Bumdra is one of the best places of trekking in Paro Bhutan, we can start Bumdra Hike from Taktsang. Though hiking trail is quite steep, you’ll enjoy enthralling alpine scenery and landscapes along the trail. People who go Bumdra on Paro day hikes from here will take less time compare to those who go from Shari or Sangchoekhor Monastery.

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